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Durable - Eurolon™ will resist signs of wear, with unique long-lasting fibers.
Stain-resistant - Eurolon™ does not absorb moisture making spills and stains easily removable with normal cleaning agents.
Color-fast - Solution dyed yarn extrusion is not only safe for the environment, it protect the colors in your new carpet from fading and cleaning solvents.
Anti-static - Carpets made from Eurolon™ fibers are permanently anti-static. No more electric shocks.
Anti-microbial - Carpets made from Eurolon™ fibers do not support the growth of mites or bacteria.
Non-toxic/Environmentally friendly - All Eurolon™ fiber carpets are free of toxic elements. Because color is "melted in" during production of the fiber, it eliminates the traditional use of large quantities of water for dyeing, contributing to the preservation of water and the quality of our water.
Pet Friendly - Eurolon carpet resists stains, static, soil, pilling, and water damage like mildew, making it durable enough for big, messy, and active pets. Eurolon also resists abrasion and repels moisture. Made of strong and safe synthetic fibers, Eurolon rugs are completely nontoxic, making them perfectly safe for your pets both indoors and outdoors. You can feel confident that your dog, cat, bunny, or other animal can play safely and freely on your carpet or area rug without sacrificing their health.
  • Hydrophobic fiber – does not absorb moisture
  • Long-lasting and durable fiber
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-static
  • Solution Dyed for exceptional color retention and cleanability
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